Who, What, Where & Why

First and foremost I should probably start by introducing myself. Hi, I’m Leigh Smith, nice to meet you…. Phew, that was easy.

Who? I am a cocktail drinking and selfie taking journalist who enjoys writing and sharing rubbish stories.

By day I work for local news magazines, but in my free time I like to shine (mainly thanks to my highlighter) by writing about my many loves.

What?Β So like most bloggers these days I will be writing about beauty, fashion, fitness and food.

Why am I different, well I’d like to say my charm and wit but I will let you decide that after a few posts (or a few drinks).

Where?Β Hertfordshire, although I would prefer to be on a white sandy beach, with crystal clear seas and the sun shining.

Why?Β Well if you are still reading this you might remember that I mentioned I was a journalist, so why am I writing a blog as well as the 4,000,000 articles you write a day, well simply for fun.

Enough of the boring stuff, you can get back to the TV and enjoy your evening cuppa.

Love Leigh

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