Why is her hair so big? It’s full of secrets…

IMG_1022 (1)
Okay there are no secrets here, just a pair of super thin curlers and a bit of hairspray.

So I thought my first official blog post would be about my pride and joy… my hair (when it’s not a matted mess shoved in a top knot that is).

Naturally my hair has a mind of its own with straight bits, weird irregular waves and the odd ringlet. But thanks to one of my favourite hair gadgets, my Lee Stafford Chopstick Curlers, I can get amazing curly hair.

IMG_1303 (1)
My hair, just washed, roughly blow dried and unstyled.

Admittedly the first time I used them, It took me hours, in fact it took me so long that I contemplated skipping my night out and putting my jammies on. But now I’m like a pro and can my whole head curled in 25 minutes (this should be an Olympic sport, I’d get gold).

I love that the curls last for a good couple of days and in fact they look even better once they start relaxing. You can brush them out and my hair doesn’t feel dry or damaged after.
If you want to achieve the perm (or poodle) look without actually going to the hairdressers, then the chopstick curlers will become your new best friend.
Love Leigh

Two days later, curls still in!

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