REVIEW: OFRA Eyebrow Gel – also known as lifesaver or godsend


OFRA Eyebrow Gel is semi-permanent, waterproof and an absolute LIFESAVER.

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with naturally thick and dark brows, instead I was given bits of blonde fluff on my brow bone and a poor excuse for a brow.

So unsurprisingly I use a lot of brow products to get them looking semi decent, but when a holiday approaches I dread the thought of not being able to paint on my brows in fear they will smudge halfway across my face.

Brows with no products, just a tint three weeks ago


I recently went to Florida, where I went to waterparks and theme parks, and The OFRA – Eyebrow Gel was brilliant. It lasted all day – no smudging, despite 30 degree heat and water rides.

So how long did it last? No judging, but one evening I was so shattered that I feel asleep without taking my make up off and woke up with perfect brows that didn’t need redoing for the day. So you can say it lasts almost 35 hours!

Colour – My only worry is that the colour options were Black, Khaki, Golden Blonde and Light Blonde from the site I ordered it from, but other colours are available elsewhere.

I usually wear a dark brown gel, so I opted for the Golden Blonde which is lighter than usual, but it was actually perfect. You can build up the colour and it was quite nice having a lighter day brow.

Excuse the dodgy picture, but eyebrows still intact after a full day at Universal Studios


Application and texture – The application of the product is easy, it goes on just like any other brow gel and you can get precision as you have enough time to work with it before it sets.

It dries perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy on the brow like some thicker gels can.

Would I recommend? Yes, 100 per cent! I cannot wait to wear this product on my next holiday!

I got mine from

Love Leigh




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