Sunday Skincare

skincareEveryone knows that Sunday evenings are about good tv and preparing yourself for the week ahead.

Today I spent the afternoon visiting one of my bestest friend’s wedding venue (yeah I know, so exciting – especially as I’m bridesmaid), and it dawned on me that I have just under six months to look after my skin and hair and get it looking perfect for the big day! (Prepare for lots of pre hen party and wedding posts by the way)

I bought this mud and charcoal mask from Walmart when I was on holiday in Florida and it’s so good. It’s for normal to combination skin (which is what I’ve got) and it leaves my skin looking so refreshed and rejuvenated.

Also tinted moisturiser is a must on a Sunday, I hate starting the week blending in with a sheet of paper. I use Dove because it looks natural, it makes my skin feel really soft and has a nice shimmer.

My daily skincare includes Micellar Water, Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion and Garnier Night Cream. I’m lucky enough to have semi-decent skin so it’s just a few little things to keep it looking clear and moisturised.

If you’ve got any skincare recommendations, let me know.

Love Leigh

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