Red Lipstick – A tale as old as time

red lips.jpg

With all the Beauty and the Beast hype, I thought I’d share my favourite red lipsticks.

A red lip is a classic look and one of my favourites when it comes to glamming up. Here are my top 4:

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick – Ruby Woo

This is my favourite red and it is a MAC lipstick must have. I’m pretty sure this features in most Vogue articles relating to beauty must haves and I cannot agree more.
The Mac Retro Mattes are great because they stay on all night and don’t need much topping up.

Viva La Glam Mac – Russian Red

This is a darker shade to the other colours, but it’s great. I would say it was definitely more of a winter colour, but seeing as the weather is still on the miserable side, I can still wear it.

As it isn’t matte this doesn’t last as long when you’re out and about, so make sure you don’t forget your Lipstick when you go out.

Mac Lady Danger

I love this colour because it is nice and bright. Perfect for day glam and summer evenings. As it is not Matte it has a nice shine to it. Although I tend to find non-matte lipsticks don’t last as long.

Mac Retro Matte in All Fired Up

This pinky red is such a beautiful colour. I love this shade for summer nights. And as said before all Mac Matte Lipsticks are my absolute fave because they stay on for a while, the colours are fabulous and they always look good.


UPDATE: If you watch any film in 2017 I would highly recommend Beauty and the Beast – it was so beautifully done!

In the spirit of Disney Princess’, I hope you pucker up your lips and avoid all frogs.

Let me know your favourite red lipsticks!

Love Leigh

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