REVIEW: Urban Decay Smoky Eyeshadow Palette


The Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eye Palette is just perfect…

This Palette is my absolute favourite because you can create so many different looks, from a simple smokey eye to full blown glamour glitz.

I am still trying to perfect the art of using eyeshadow and I am getting better (several tutorials later) but as long as I blend, blend, blend it seems to be okay.

Urbans Decay Naked Palettes are so good anyway and have a great reputation, but if you had to pick one out of them all, I’d choose this one!


The pigmentation is great, and you can really build bold colours up. I think the selection of colours is great too. If I want a simple everyday look I use Password, Combust and Thirteen, but to build up something more dramatic Black Market is great. It is the perfect combination of colours to create so many different looks.

I love using Thirteen under my brow and on my inner lid to make my brows and eyes pop, and High on my inner lid and pulled along my lower lid gives the perfect shimmery look.

I didn’t think I’d ever really enjoy using purple eyeshadow, but I actually love the colour Smoulder. Apparently purple is good for making blue eyes stand out, or so I heard.

The brush you get with this too is amazing, the thicker end works blending dreams and the smaller end is good for smaller gaps and precision.

Here’s some looks I’ve created with the palette:

What are your favourite eye shadow palettes?

Love Leigh

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