Glossy Box March: Perfectly Prepped

Sorry guys I’m a bit late to the party by posting my March Glossy Box in April, but I was debating whether to sign up.

In the end I thought it was worth a shot for 5 beauty products a month – the month’s came with 3 full sized samples and 2 very generous samples and was worth around Β£80. So the theme of this month’s box was perfectly prepped.

One thing I love about Glossy Box is that you specify your skin type and complexion as well as hair colour and whether it’s dyed or natural.


Schwarzkopf Blonde Keratin Restore Bonding Shampoo – The shampoo is specifically for blonde hair and I have to say it definitely felt softer and shinier after using it just once. Having bleached hair my hair often feels dry but this made my hair feel lovely – I just wish there was a little sample of the conditioner too.


iwhite toothpaste – The iwhite toothpaste was nice too. Although it says instant whitening, I definitely didn’t notice any change after one use but it tasted nice, my breath was fresh and I will continue to use before fully judging the results.


Sleek Eye and Cheek palette in Dancing til dusk – The palette has some really nice eyeshadow colours – nice browns and shimmers to create a gorgeous soft smoky look. The pigmentation of the shadows were good too and the product lasted which is always a bonus.

In all honestly I probably won’t use the blushers, not because of the product, just because of my naturally rosy cheeks, I tend to avoid using it.


thisworks – in transit camera close up – I was a bit confused when I read it was a mask, moisturiser and primer in one, as I usually avoid all in one products but I was actually pleasantly surprised with this. I used this as a primer and put it on after washing my face, before applying my make up. It had a nice texture, dried fairly quickly and left my face feeling really soft and fresh.


oOlution Eye Love – This is a hydrating eye cream aimed at helping reduce puffiness and dark bags, it didn’t have immediate effect but then again I would need a miracle to remove the bags from under my eyes! It felt nice and I do think with continued use, I think I would start seeing better results.


Glossy Box in general? So now I’ve got through the exciting product reviews, as this is my first box I thought I should definitely mention how nice the packaging is – so sleek and pretty!

In terms of subscription I went for a rolling monthly subscription as you can cancel anytime. Like all beauty boxes there is the risk of paying your monthly Β£10 and receiving products you don’t like, that’s why I wanted the option of being able to cancel when I wanted to.

I was really pleased with March’s box and I cannot wait to receive this month’s – hopefully there are another few gems.

What did you think of the box?

Love Leigh

If you want to sign up to Glossy Box, click here.

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