Why every bleached blonde girl needs purple/silver shampoo!

Silver Shampoo

So I am obsessed with purple shampoo, it literally gives my hair so much life.

It is the perfect product to reduce brassy tones on blonde hair, but it also a great way to freshen up your hair in between appointments.

So which product do I use?

I love the Schwarzkopf Colour Free Silver Shampoo!

This bottle is only around Β£12 and I’ve had it for about 6 months and there is so much left!

The reason this is my favourite one (and trust me I have tried a good few) is because it doesn’t leave your hair with a hint of purple, and also a little goes a long way!

I find some silver shampoos can really dry your hair out, but this does that less than some others and it adds a lovely shine.

How do I use it?

So I use this once or twice a week as normal shampoo, just because with bleached hair I feel like it can go a bit yellowy, so a bit of purple/silver shampoo really helps get rid of that.

Also sometimes (maybe once a month) I put on quite a lot and leave it for around 10/15 minutes. I love doing this because it creates a silver tone but without purple tinges and without it looking grey.

Another benefit of purple shampoo:

It is a great way to maintain silver hair. A few months ago I went for full silver hair, but I found after a few washes it started to look a bit dull and started to fade, so I used silver shampoo with every wash to maintain the colour.

FUN FACT ABOUT ME!Β – I am THE clumsiest person you will ever meet!

Here’s the proof: Purple shampoo EVERYWHERE in my bathroom. I turn round to take one picture and this happens.

Do you use use silver/purple shampoo? If so what are your favourite brands?

Love Leigh

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10 thoughts on “Why every bleached blonde girl needs purple/silver shampoo!

  1. Loved this post! I’ve never used Schwarzkopf for purple shampoo but might give it a go next time. I’ve also never done a hair mask with purple shampoo but it makes so much sense. I get SUCH dry hair in London as the water is so drying so use lots of purple conditioner too. But like you said the bottle lasts ages. I rarely have to buy shampoo and conditioner so it is worth investing in a good one! x

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