The perfect nudes – My top 5 Mac lipsticks

nude lipsticks

So I thought I’d share with you my top five nudes – and no I don’t mean nude pictures, I mean lipsticks.

I know nude lipsticks are a perfect addition all year round, with spring summer in mind, I picked my top five Mac Cosmetic lipsticks with the sunnier weather in mind.

The reason I love Mac lipsticks is because I find they give full coverage in just one layer and are very moisturising. Also at £16.50 per lipstick I’d say they were reasonable priced because they last for everrrr.

Crème’ d Nude

This is such a gorgeous day time colour, the glossy affect makes it a perfect little addition to any girly look. This colour is also a great look and it is ultra-creamy and fairly shiny.

I would say this colour more suits lighter skin tones, although sometimes I have make sure it suits how I’ve done my make up for the day. This is actually quite a nice colour to layer over Honey Love to add a bit of a gloss to it.


My absolute favourite lipstick of all time, I probably go through one of these every six months because I use it that much.

I love that this lipstick is the perfect day to night shade, it’s great for the day, but is also the perfect colour to tone down a dramatic smokey eye. I actually recently wore this shade on my birthday night out, you can see the post here.

Honey Love

This colour warm beige with a semi-matte finish and it is absolutely beautiful. I love that this isn’t too pale so it looks really good with a tan.

I love matte lipsticks because I find they last longer but they always make your lips look fuller which is my fave.


So Yash is actually the newest member to my Mac family and it is the most amazing colour. Yash is a matte lipstick with a great tone and it looks fabulous with a tan.

Again I’d say this is a great day to night lipstick, when I went to Berlin I took this everywhere!

Velvet Teddy

This has to be my all-time favourite lipstick. I know the world went crazy over it after Kylie Jenner wore it, but it is honestly my favourite lip colour.

The matte effect means it lasts all night or day which is a massive bonus. The reason this is one of my favourites is because it suits a lot of skin tones; I can wear this no matter whether or not I’ve had a tan. A lot of my friends use this colour too and I can’t say I’ve met anyone it doesn’t suit.

What are your favourite nudes?

Love Leigh

Images of the Lipsticks are from Mac Cosmetics Website!


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