The Perfect Blush Accessories – HA Designs

So the weather seems to have got awful again, I mean defrosting your car in April isn’t right, but I refuse to give up on my spring wardrobe!

So what if its cold and wet, I am wearing sandals- just kidding I’m not that brave. But I have been lusting over blush and nudes this month, so I am going to introduce you to these gorgeous HA Design items.

HA Designs is probably one of my favourite websites, it is my go to place for buying a gift for my friends, I mean nothing like a personalised gift to show your pals how much you love them! So anyway you can imagine my excitement when my friends repaid the favour and got me these gorgeous items, the clutch bag and the passport holder, for my birthday.

The clutch bag is just the perfect size and colour and it the the best accessory for all outfits. It looks great teamed with a simple pair of jeans and white Tee but it also looks great glammed up. I wore it out for my birthday, you can check the post here.

It also goes perfectly with my rose gold Olivia Burton watch and my favourite nude lipstick, Mac Blankety.

What are your favourite spring accessories?

Love Leigh

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Blush Accessories – HA Designs

  1. Wait a minute did you say you’re defrosting your car in April!?!?! Where do you live? It’s still pretty chilly over here too but not to the point where I have to defrost my car (knock on wood) lol Love that bag though the color really is so perfect for spring. I’ve been wanting a cute cross body in the soft pretty blush or nude tone….still on the prowl!

    xo, JJ

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    • I never have to defrost the car in April, it’s been some like freak cold spell! I live near London, we’ve had quite nice weather but the other day when I went for my pre work 6am swim I had to deforest my car and it was horrible!
      Yeah I am obsessed with this colour, I’ve been trying to find some matching sandals but seem to be struggling at the minute xx

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