The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection Review

Body Shop

I firmly believe a good moisturiser and exfoliator are essential for achieving perfect looking skin.

I have to say, I have always been a fan of The Body Shop’s body butter and scrubs so when I ran out of my strawberry set I decided to try out the Early-Harvest Raspberry collection.

This literally smells AMAZING – in fact it is so good you will probably want to eat it (although I would advise against it as it probably doesn’t taste as nice as it smells).

Body Butter:

I’ve always been a huge fan of the body butters. I find they really moisturise and hydrate my skin, and to top it off they smell gorgeous.

Body Scrub:

I absolutely love the Body Shop Scrubs, they are brilliant exfoliaters and they make your skin feel amazing!

This also is a fantastic scrub for getting rid of fake tan too and it really does leave your skin going.

Shower gel:

So I brought the Shower gel because I’m a bit of a freak who likes full sets of these. This isn’t any different from other shower gels but it does smell amazing.

It’s super sweet and you can smell it on your body after your shower which is amazing. I use all 3 products to enhance the smell!

So what is early harvest?
So apparently it is that it says on the tin, they are raspberries which are picked early in the season in order to preserve their freshness and they have more anti-oxidants. They’ve picked a winner I think!

Love Leigh

Ps – Sorry for the short post guys and sorry for not blogging in like a week but I’ve been poorly and I’ve had the busiest week at work so I’ve been too tired in the evenings.

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!


8 thoughts on “The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Collection Review

    • Oh really, that’s awful. I tried the drops of youth from the Body Shop and it made me come out with so many spots and just wasn’t right for my skin! I just stick to their body butters and scrubs x

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