Nailed it! Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat review

Everyone knows that the secret (well it’s not really a secret if everyone knows but…) to gorgeous nails is a good top coat.

I am absolutely in love with the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat.

So why use a top coat?

It adds extra glossiness and it prevents chipping. I always paint over the tip of my nail because this means less chips, especially for those who are forever typing like me.

Why this one?

So I love this one opposed to some of the others I have tried and I find it really does add a strong protective layer. I love that this is long lasting and my nails last for at least a week without chipping. I’m a journalist so I’m always hacking away at a keyboard so this is a big achievement.


Good news, it doesn’t break the bank! It costs around £9 from Boots. Small price to pay for a good investment.

What are your favourite nail products?

Love Leigh

Ps guys sorry I have been so super useless with blogging for the past few days but I’ve been poorly. Lemsips and cough medicine have been a life saver the last few days.

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