My Top 10 Things I CANNOT Live Without

So I thought I would share My Top 10 Things I cannot Live Without.

I love reading things like this on others blogs because I think it gives a bit of an insight of who they are, so I thought why not!

1. Brow Gel

I’ve talked about brows in a previous post (which you can read here) and talked about how thin and gross they are without product. I feel so ugly without brow products and my favourite has to be Benefit Ka Brow in colour 5.

2. Fake tan / Tinted moisturiser

I am so pasty without fake tan. Like not the cute porcelain skin kind of pale, I am red, blotchy and grey so fake tan for me is a must. I tend to stick to Dove Tinted Moisturiser for an everyday look but when I go out I tend to use St Tropez.

3. Roller Lash Mascara

Another Benefit product here, I think we have a theme! But seriously Benefit Roller Lash is just my favourite.

4. Mac Lipstick in Blankety

Nude lipsticks are pretty much my life (see my post here), but my all time fave has to be Mac Blankety. It is just the perfect colour for all occasions – day time, night time, to tone down a heavy eye – it is literally my go to!

5. Tea

English Breakfast tea to be precise – and it has to be made in this order – Teabag, Hot Water then Milk. No sugar, it’s good enough on its own. There is very little in my life that tea doesn’t solve. Feeling ill? Cuppa’ tea! Feeling upset? Cuppa’ Tea? Stressed at Work? Tea! Catch up with pals? Tea! – I could go on but you get the gist.

6. My Phone

The thought of living without my phone scares me – first world problems. But seriously I rely on it for everything work, communicating with friend, my blog, social media, music, exercise tracking – it really is my world. I think it would need to be surgically removed.

7. White Chuck Taylor Converse

Converse are literally my favourite things in the the whole entire world. They look good with little dress but they also look good just thrown on with jeans. I have them in a few colours but white high tops will always be my fave.

8. Skinny Jeans

I literally live in skinny jeans – black or blue, ripped or high waisted – I don’t know what I would wear if it wasn’t for skinny jeans. My favourite has to be Topshop Joni Jeans.

9. Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is literally my life – I would say if you invest in a good fitting and well made leather jack you are pretty much sorted! It goes with Jeans and boots in winter and with little dresses in summer plus they look great in the day or evening!

Mine is from Topshop and has a detachable fur colour so can be changed around a bit in Summer and Winter.

10. Family/ Friends/ Boyfriend

To be honest it goes without saying that I couldn’t live without my family, friends and boyfriend so I won’t bore you with the million reasons why they’re so great.

What are 10 things that you cannot live without?

Love Leigh

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5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Things I CANNOT Live Without

  1. Agree with a ton of these like bf/friends, phone and a good jacket or pair of jeans make a serious difference to your day! xD Im so freaking pale even though I’m half Italian but I’ve been too scared to tan in case it screws up my complexion 😮

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    • They are such good staple pieces aren’t they. Definitely wardrobe must haves.
      I’m naturally really fair so I try to avoid prolonging my time in the sun because I get burnt so easily and I don’t want to damage my skin, hence why I stick to a tinted moisturiser or a fake tan. When it’s all scrubbed off though my skin goes back to its normal pale self.
      Thanks for checking out my post xx

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