Friends for Days Tag


So last month I was nominated for the Friends for Days Tag by the lovely Kali Borovic from Ink on my Hand and I’m so grateful.

Her blog is amazing and you should all check it out here, and if you don’t follow, you should!

Yes this post is long overdue, I’m sorry but in between being a bit ill and my job I have only just found the time to return the favour.

The tag was created by Cheila of Pink For Days to recognize and get to know other bloggers.

For the tag, you have to tag five bloggers who you don’t know well or are new to the community and give them three kind words. Then you do the same for two bloggers that have been at it for a while. You’re also supposed to comment and like some of their posts.

So I’m not too sure how long people have been blogging so I’ve gone for the bloggers I don’t know that well.

Everything EmmZeeBee

You can see her blog here – I love this girl’s blog so much – her images are so petty and she really mixes up content so everything is always an exciting read.

Sit Back and Just Live – Jenny

You can see her post here – Such a lovely blog with gorgeous pictures and plenty of good posts!

Ella May Garrett

You can see her blog here – Her posts are so fun and there is always a good variety. From personal things like preparing for exams and goals to hauls it is always an exciting read.

Amethyst Rose Beauty

You can see her blog here – her blog is so pretty! I love how honest she is and all of her posts are super interesting so definitely worth checking out!

Brown Kitty Cat

You can see her blog here – Her pictures are gorgeous and I love her posts. A good mixture of stuff so always makes for a good read!

Life of Angela

You can see her blog here – there are so many lovely posts on her blog and you can get a real insight into her life. I love her travel pieces too!

Kali Borovic

Can I talk about the person who nominated me originally or is that cheating? Either way I said this at the start and I’ll say it again – I LOVE her blog and you will too!

If you’re a new blogger I’d love to chat and check out your blog because I’m new too, so please make sure you comment!

Love Leigh


Also if you want to know there the notebook is from in my header image it is Dot Creates – you can check them out here!


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