Raw and Refined Homeware – bespoke furniture that YOU need to check out

Stepping away from beauty today and I’m going down the interior design post route as I show you the furniture in my flat.

So… my boyfriend and I have been working on a super exciting new project. When I say we, I mean he does the manual labour and I ย do everything behind the scenes.

We have launched a bespoke industrial style furniture business called Raw and Refined Homeware.

Back in December 2015 we moved into our flat and we’ve slowly but surely been turning it into a home. We loved the combination of wood, metal and copper. We searched high and low for the perfect TV unit and dining table but we couldn’t find anything nice unless we paid an extortionate amount of money.

So my little clever clogs of a boyfriend decided to make us a tv unit and matching dining table. After so many compliments and people asking where we got it from we thought d’ya know what? Let’s put it out there for anyone who is interested.

Sam can make the items to size and he is currently working on the most incredible garden set!

Please follow www.rawandrefindhomeware.wordpress.comย – aside from being a business page it will also be a homeware and interior design blog with little snippets into our home and furniture.

The blog is in its early days so there is definitely a lot more to come!

You can also check out our Instagram page here too!

Thanks in advanced for your support guys!

Love Leigh


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