Well done on getting the job – now SLAY. Tips, tricks and advice for the first day

I am super excited because I recently embarked on my new adventure – a new job.

I moved on from my journalist job and started a press role as I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve been really focused on learning lots of new things, hence why I’ve not been good at blogging recently.

I thought I would share with you my top tips for preparing for a new job. I hope they are helpful.

Get organised

Preparation is key! I spoke to my new employees well in advance and found out everything I needed to know.

I tested my new commute out so I got a feel for how long it would take so I knew how much time I would need to get there. Although I would suggest over estimating how much time your journey takes.

Unfortunately fashionable late doesn’t cut it on your first day of work.

Make sure you have all the information you need

It might sound silly but before you start a new job it’s always best to find out as much as possible beforehand. As well as asking important things like start time, daily hours, pay and dress code – it is also okay to ask about holiday entitlement, pensions and how you’re paid.

Most company’s will send a contract through with all that information in, but if you don’t get one, don’t be afraid to ask for the imformation.

Make sure you have given your job all the right information.

Before you start, ask what they need. Do they need a copy of your passport; do you need to show your license; have you given your bank details; do you need to declare any medical issues. Trust me, your first day will run smoother if they have everything beforehand.

Honestly, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

No one will judge you for asking questions! In fact if you weren’t asking relevant and important questions your employer might think you’re not interested or paying attention.

Be nice and make friends

It’s so nerve wrecking going into a new job without having to worry about people liking you.

The best advice I would give is get involved! If you’re invited to lunch, say yes. Make sure you ask people lots of questions, smile lots and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Hope this helps anyone starting a new job! I wish you all the best.

Love Leigh

Ps I’m back to blogging now and have some fun posts coming up, mainly about what I’ve been up to recently!


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