Let the evening be-GIN – A review of the Gin Journey London

As a gin lover and a sucker for finding new cute bars what wouldn’t there be to love about a gin tour around London.

My friends and I embarked on the Gin Journey in Bermondsey (London) and had the most amazing time.

We started at the VICTORY Gin Micro Distillery, at the Draft House, where we met Max our gin guide and the man behind VICTORY Gin. Ps I loved the George Orwell reference – book worm over here.

Other bars we visited included Hitex, Nine Lives, Jensens and Hide.


At Β£70 per person this tour includes a trip to 5 bars (including a micro distillery) with a cocktail at each bar plus a sample of the Gin showcased in the cocktail.

The cocktails

I would tell you about every cocktail, but I’m not sure how much they mix it up per tour and I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun.

I would just say that there was a nice variety, and interesting takes on old classics.

Do you have to be a gin lover to go?

Well seeing as you’re spending the day learning about Gin and tasting the different infusions and flavours, it definitley helps. One of my friends doesn’t like gin much but we dragged her along anyway and by the end of the tour she had started to enjoy it more and found a few gin cocktails she liked!

What I loved most about it?

  • Sampling independent gins and brands I wouldn’t usually go for
  • Trying cocktails I wouldn’t necessicarily pick
  • Max the tour guide
  • Spending time with my friends!

What I didn’t like about it?

  • The hangover the next day! (It didn’t help that we ended up in London Cocktail Club, Shoreditch, after)

Are you a fellow gin lover? I’d love to hear your favourites!

Love Leigh


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