Eyelash extensions – why I love them and how to look after them!

I love nothing more than a full set of eyelash extensions.

Mostly because they look great, but also because I’m lazy when it comes to applying mascara.

I am obsessed with eyelash extensions but I only have them for special occasions. This is because I can’t afford the upkeep (bills and social life take priority) but also I do think it’s nice to give your natural lashes a break (or so I tell myself when I can’t afford them).

So why would I recommend them so much?

  • Firstly, they look fabulous.
  • They are such low maintenance. I often get them for holiday, because it means that not once will I need to wear (or even think) about mascara.
  • A good set will last you, and still look good, for 4 weeks (depending on your maintenance but we’ll get there in a minute).

I am a huge fan of strip lashes, but these are something I only wear for a night out or special days. I personally use strip lashes cause I want a dramatic look, so I wouldn’t compare them to individual lashes. You can get individual eyelashes as thick as some strip lashes though, if you prefer thicker lashes, but I person prefer them full but not too in your face.

Where and what I get done:

  • I tend to go to a local salon to get mine done, there are a few places near me that do amazing sets of lashes.
  • Usually they cost between Β£40-50 for a full set. With an infill costing around Β£30.
  • When you get lashes done they usually ask what kind of look you want, natural, flaired, full, thick – the list goes on. I usually opt for full with length, but not too thick. I like it when they are suitable for day and night.

How I look after my lashes:

  •  Don’t get wet for the first 24 hours minimum – it doesn’t mean you have to skip the shower, it just means you need to be on the careful side.
  • Comb them out – I use a little mascara brush to comb them, not only does it keep them looking neat, it also means you can remove any that my be lose
  • Don’t use mascara – you have a full set of lashes, you shouldn’t need mascara anyway. If you should feel you need to use it avoid waterproof mascara
  • Avoid using oil based cleansing products and creams around your eyes
  • Be gentle when removing make up.

Upkeeping eyelash extensions isn’t rocket science, don’t pick, don’t rub and be gentle. Simple.

2 weeks into holiday and lashes still looking fresh

That saying, I usually get a full set for holiday, where I’m in the heat, I constantly apply oily suncream and I’m always diving in and out of the pool.

Right, I think I’ve covered it all, but f you have any other questions about eyelash extension please feel free to ask.

Love Leigh x


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